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We dedicate experience, expertise and flexibility to each of your projects and, to each of you, we give our commitment, our passion, but mostly, we continually listen to your needs, from first consultation to aftermarket service.

  • 1 - Consultation and design

    1 - Consultation and

  • 2 - Machine and plant production

    2 - Machine and
    plant production

  • 3 - Quality control

    3 - Quality control

  • 4 - Installation and service

    4 - Installation and

Consultation and design

Listening to the client is the only way to match his needs and our engineers' abilities. The generation of optimal and shared solutions for specific issues starts here.

Machine and plant production

Our production workshop boasts high-level technical experts. Their constant interaction with our engineers, at every step of production and assembly, ensures the correct functioning of each module and its integration with any electronics and software, so that the finished product never needs significant adjustments.

Quality control

At Konia, every engineer and production technician ensures that no product leaves our factory unless it satisfies every one of us. What is satisfaction for us? It is the awareness of being a step ahead of the client's needs.

Installation and service

The installation of a Konia machine or plant always takes place in the presence of our engineers and is only performed by our production technicians. Why? After having designed, built and assembled them, nobody knows how to do it better than us.
Konia is always ready to provide every client with the aftermarket support and service necessary for our products to work at their full potential as though they had just come out from our factory.

Examples of our products

Maneuvering devices for railway barriers
Maneuvering devices for railway barriers

Electro-hydraulic lifting equipment for mobile barriers for level crossings

Test systems
Test systems

Devices for leak testing of industrial speed reducers

Machines for components of sterile bags
Machines for components of sterile

Rotary machines for inserting tubes and valves into sterile bags for human whole blood and its derivatives

Stranding machines
Stranding machines

Machines to manufacture braided steel cables of various sizes

Reams handling systems
Reams handling systems

Automated plant for picking up and moving reams of paper between handling lines

Industrial grinders
Industrial grinders

Equipment for trituration of articles in plastic or rubber

Packaging plants
Packaging plant

Plant for thermoforming, filling and heat-sealing food products and other substances


Automated stackers with use of anthropomorphic or Cartesian robots and customised grippers

Positioners for welding equipment
Positioners for welding process

3-axis CNC systems for a carrying capacity of up to 12,000 kg, combinable with robots

Plant for refrigerator components
Plant for refrigerator components

Plant for manufacturing refrigerator sanwich coils

Heat-sealing machines
Heat-sealing machines

Heat-sealing devices for cosmetic or food product bottles

Packaging machines
Packaging machines

Packaging machines for sterile bags of human plasma according to UNI EN 150 9001 and UNI CEI EN 46001

Other Konia products

Cutting system for paper money; biomass drying plant; automotive clutch test benches; Jagenberg's cutting machine retrofitting with torque motors; high output punching machines for aluminium profiles; machine for high precision alignment of sensors for ink position sensing on banknotes; adjustable volumetric metering plant for simultaneous filling of bottles and flacons (up to 60 units); industrial plant and equipment for electrographite production; filter chambers for intake ducts of gas turbines; drawings for review of parts of hydraulic turbines for energy production; apparatus for weight control of boxes on packaging lines with 240 pcs/min speed with automatic tare; test benches for planetary gearboxes; plant for conveyance, conditioning and division of dust samples for size measurement of coal dust by LASER; high speed rotary machines, from 24 to 100 stations, for cast two-component polyurethane; urea transport plant with 450 m conveyor belts, 700 t/h capacity; electro-hydraulic control device for railroad track switches; equipment for self-service payment of toll; machines and modules for producing nappies and sanitary towels; plant for thread dimensional control by LASER of graphite electrodes; modification of casings for ticket emitters with the insertion of a second apparatus; palletising plant for reams of paper money; 21-32 station feeding system for wire of banknotes; CRADLE TYPE stranding machine for three-wire braid ropes or seven-wire steel strands (Ø 16mm); pulling group from Ø 1000 to Ø 1500 mm for stabilization of steel strands (Ø 16mm); expandable spool for coiling harmonic steel strands up to Ø 16mm; worm gear motors for wire-drawing heads from 5" to 20", for harmonic steel rods; 75 t portal-type press with 4 upper mold-holders, 6 lower mold-holders, all transversely positionable by N.C. and complete with electric cylinder-press with roller screw and 4370x3370 screen-holder table positionable by N.C.; security system for overturning curd tanks; washing, ironing and folding machines for industrial laundries; automatic distributors of prepaid cards; PC holder carts.

Our certification


Established in 1996 as an engineering company, Konia has been developing innovative engineering solutions in many industrial fields since the beginning. Almost immediately, it started the production of prototypes and series of compact automated modules. After the first orders of big customised machines, Konia enlarged its production department and established solid collaborations with top level partners for the electronic and software side, thus satisfying the growing number of requests for high-performance automated industrial machines, production lines, handling systems and technologically advanced mechanical devices.
All of this has been achieved by listening to our customers, our fast response times and our availability for assistance: in a nutshell, our total reliability.
Quite apart from the indisputable quality of our products, that's how we have gained our customers' trust throughout Italy and beyond. We have the flexibility, experience and know-how to satisfy a truly wide spectrum of needs and requests.
We provide ready to use solutions.

Konia s.r.l.

Giuseppe Marinozzi

Mechanical engineer - Konia's proprietor


Wherever you find mechanics and automation, you'll find Konia. That is why we have already worked in so many different industrial sectors. Our products are at work in the biomedical, paper, energy production, packaging, measurement systems, infrastructure, food, oil, automotive, household appliances, footwear fields amongst others.

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